About Us

Sons and Daughters Burial Society offers professional funeral services and dignified burial whilst maintaining high quality services, excellent client relations, after-sales support and advice. Working with Sons and Daughters Burial Society is more professional and less risky than some of our competitors, due to our ability to deliver according to clients expectations and requirements from out extensive experience in all fields of service we offer. All customers are treated confidentially and individually and we realise the importance of the sensitive nature of our services rendered being handled professionally leaving any clients dignity intact.

Why Choose Us

Sons and Daughters Burial Society is a new company providing professional funeral services to the people through expert advice, proper marketing strategy and the delivery of high quality fineral and burial services. We focus on medium and lower earning individuals thus providing better services which will in return give you value for money.

We have employed experts in various positions to assist with all aspects related to our line of business. Additional services we offer include car hire, tent hire, tombstone manufacturing, casket manufacturing.

Our Mission

To provide expert advice, full support and affordable services for burials and funerals and policies

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